Small offices

Would you like to move into Delftse Poort immediately? You can! All you need to do is check in. Fully equipped office space or offices that can be furnished according to your specifications are available. Alternatively, we can just provide the space, while you arrange the fittings. Our service partners will be happy to advise and assist you.


  • Office space from 40m2
  • Flexibility in contracts and scaling options
  • High-end finishes to a class-A property standard
  • Fully equipped business center or private offices
  • Interior furnished to your specifications (in consultation with Delftse Poort)
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Numerous practical shared services (such as IT support, cleaning and catering)
  • Parking spaces for rent (parking ratio 1:125)
  • Highly advanced technological infrastructure (WiredScore Gold)


  • Workplaces in the open space
  • Workplaces in a closed room
  • Meeting / consultation rooms
  • Rooms/workplaces for silence and concentration
  • Rooms/workplaces for silence and concentration
  • Lounge/ Reception/ Informal meetings/ Pantry
  • Horizontal traffic
  • Vertical traffic