At Delftse Poort, a healthy work environment is our top priority, as shown by our WELL Gold status. Our building is designed to support health and wellbeing every day, with great facilities and a lively community. Located in the heart of Rotterdam, Delftse Poort is a pleasant place to work, offering comfortable workspaces, a variety of healthy food options, and areas for fun and relaxation.

WELL Gold certified

Our building holds a WELL Gold Certificate, making Delftse Poort a healthy building that focuses on the wellbeing of the professionals working here.

The WELL Building Standard sets high-quality requirements that are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on wellbeing and health. These include natural light, air and water quality, climate and acoustic comfort, nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

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WELL Gold Certificaat

A healthy work environment

Our facilities contribute to a healthy work environment. Alongside a gym and a spacious restaurant that provides nutritious meals, we offer a wide range of services to simplify everyday life. With an abundance of natural light and smart lighting that adjusts to outdoor conditions, Delftse Poort provides an exceptional work environment in Rotterdam’s city centre.

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A pleasant working climate

When you feel better, you perform better. That’s why Delftse Poort prioritises good air quality and a pleasant indoor environment for all professionals working in the building. This is achieved through measures such as additional humidification and the use of modern, energy-efficient climate ceilings.

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Everyone who works in our building automatically becomes a part of our Socialclub, a vibrant community for all professionals in Delftse Poort. With our ‘Social Weeks’, we foster connection, inspiration, and relaxation in the workplace. It’s an active community that simultaneously provides an excellent networking platform.

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It’s very interesting to meet other people from other companies in Delftse Poort.

– Emile, Nationale-Nederlanden

Health & well-being initiatives

At Delftse Poort, our health & wellbeing initiatives aim to educate about aspects like water quality, lighting, and mental health. Click below to learn more about these crucial health topics.

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