History of Delftse Poort

Delftse Poort is one of best-known buildings of The Netherlands and functioned as the headquarters of Nationale Nederlanden up to 2015. Finalised in 1991 and designed by architect Abe Bonnema, the building, together with the Rotterdam, the Maastoren and the Millenniumtoren, defines the skyline of Rotterdam. The imposing image of the building can be linked to the (corporate) strategy of influential companies and brands in the 80’s and 90’s of the previous century.

These days it is more about transparency, sustainability, social awareness, sharing and relevance. The CBRE Dutch Office Fund sees that Delftse Poort, with large (column-free) office floors, excellent accessibility and robustness, seamlessly connects to the wants and needs of modern-day tenants and users. To attain this, functional changes and procedures are required in the current structure and image. Delftse Poort will then grow into a multifunctional building with the best user experience in a multifaceted and lively location such as Rotterdam Central District.