About CBRE Dutch Office Fund

CBRE Investment Management is a leading real estate investment agency. We manage investment programs for investors worldwide. The CBRE Dutch Office Fund is an investment fund by CBRE Investment Management which exclusively invests in office buildings in multifunctional high-end locations in four large cities with a wide array of high-end services. In the portfolio, you will find characteristic buildings such as the WTC Amsterdam, UP office building, WTC Schiphol, WTC Utrecht and Delftse Poort in Rotterdam. The current value of the portfolio is approximately 2.5 billion euro.

Our ambition as a professional supplier of office accommodation is to seamlessly connect with the continuously changing wants and needs of our tenants and users. The CBRE Dutch Office Fund aspires to lead in the areas of sustainability and technology with a keen eye for service, quality improvement, user experience and the possibility to attune the office use to future user demand. The fund is continuously looking for possibilities to develop its product range through excellent service to tenants and strategic partnerships in the areas of technology, sustainability, service and innovation.