Health & Wellbeing


BREEAM certified

Delftse Poort has a BREEAM In-Use certificate. BREEAM is the method used for assessing, determining and certifying the sustainability performance of buildings.


Professionals who feel comfortable, perform better. That’s why Delftse Poort devotes a great deal of attention to air quality. For example, through the use of innovative, modern and energy-efficient air treatment installations, in combination with climate ceilings. In addition, various projects are underway to further improve air quality. Delftse Poort also supports the annual Earth Hour, by switching off non-essential lighting in the building.


The many plants in Delftse Poort contribute to an optimal working climate and work experience. But greenery is not only found within the walls of the building, it’s also on the roof. Delftse Poort has a so-called sedum roof, which has many advantages. This roof has an insulating effect and is an ideal water buffer. In addition, a green roof purifies the air and contributes to the biodiversity of the environment. The two bee colonies housed on the roof also contribute significantly to this.


Healthy, sustainable and above all, delicious food, made with fresh local ingredients. That is the starting point of the cooks at Delftse Poort. Every day is different!


Evides is the water company for Rotterdam and the surrounding area. The tap water in Rotterdam is of the highest quality and is checked daily at several points. The Delftse Poort drinking water is produced from Maas water, which is softened in the Maas basins in the Biesbos. Click here (Dutch) for more information about Delftse Poort water quality.


Daylight is essential for people’s health and wellbeing. Professionals therefore work with daylight in all areas of the building, supplemented by LED lighting that automatically adjusts to the outside environment. At night, however, things are different. According to various studies, a small amount of artificial light disturbs people’s sleep-wake rhythms. A dark bedroom is therefore important for a good night’s sleep. You can find more information on the following websites:


Mental health is the health of the mind. When you think of health, you quickly think of your body, your condition, your physical health. If you want to be fitter, you exercise more, go to bed earlier, stop smoking and eat healthier. But did you know that taking care of your mind is just as important? If you’re not only comfortable in your own skin, but also in your own head, you function better, have a more positive outlook on life, suffer less from stress and are better able to deal with problems (source: ggd). Delftse Poort has two different sports facilities where various lessons are offered for every sports level.