On Friday June 14 the UEFA European Championship will kick off and we can’t wait! Join our Delftse Poort UEFA EURO POULE together with your colleagues, try to beat them and be crowned as the football king or queen. We have some very nice prizes for the winner and the two runners-up

The UEFA EURO Poule consists of 8 rounds. Before each round, you will receive an email asking you to submit your predictions.

  • Bonus round: with questions such as ‘who will win the European Championship and who will be the top scorer’
  • Group stage: 3 rounds
  • Knockout phase: 4 rounds

Every round has a round-winner and of course there is an overall poule winner at the end of the European Championship.

Click here to join the Delftse Poort UEFA EURO Poule. You can immediately fill in your predictions for the first three rounds of the group stage and bonus round! Make sure you enter your work email address for a chance to win the prizes! Participating is free and only valid for Delftse Poort tenants.

After registration you receive a verification e-mail in your mailbox. Can’t find the verification? Make sure you check your spam.

Predict now!

  1. Press ‘Start your predictions’
  2. Add your predictions
  3. Add a  crown to the match you’re certain about
  4. Press ‘Save predictions’


Predict in time!
The poule is divided in 8 rounds. Do not miss out on any points and make sure you fill in your predictions before the start of the first match of the round


Regular rounds:

  • The result of the matches always applies to 90 minutes of playing time + possible injury time (unless stated otherwise).
  • Every correct predicted match (win, loss or draw): 10 points
  • Every correct predicted match with crown (win, loss or draw): 15 points
  • Every wrongly predicted match with crown: 10 points deduction
  • Every correct predicted score/number of goals: 7 points
  • Completely right prediction: 2×7 = 14 points
  • Whenever players have an equal amount of points, the winner will be determined  based on who has completed his/her prediction the fastest.

Bonus round:

  • To which stage does a participating country reach in the championship: 15 points
  • For every correct predicted final ranking of a team in the group stage : 7 points
  • Who scores the first goal for the Dutch team: 10 points
  • European Championship top scorer: 15 points
  • Which country concedes the most goals in the group stage : 10 points
  • How many red cards will be given in the entire European Championship: 10 points
  • Winner of the European Championship: 25 points