Large offices

Whether you need space for 5 or 500 people, in Delftse Poort there is tasteful and inspiring office space for businesses and organisations of every size. The column-free raised office floors, ideal for open-plan office concepts, guarantee maximum flexibility in terms of layout.


  • Floor space from 770 m2 up to 1,750 m2
  • High-end finishes to a class-A property standard
  • Fully equipped business center, available on pay per use basis
  • Interior furnished to your specifications (in consultation with Delftse Poort
  • Comprehensive support services
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Raised computer flooring with maximum flexibility of layout
  • Numerous practical shared services (including IT support, cleaning and catering)
  • Parking spaces for rent (parking ratio 1:125)
  • Highly advanced technological infrastructure (WiredScore Gold)


  • Workplaces in the open space
  • Workplaces in a closed room
  • Meeting / consultation rooms
  • Rooms/workplaces for silence and concentration
  • Rooms/workplaces for silence and concentration
  • Lounge/ Reception/ Informal meetings/ Pantry
  • Horizontal traffic
  • Vertical traffic