Newly renovated restaurant Kuster is a treat

“A fresh ambiance, more seating, and a wide selection of tasty, nutritious food options.” The newly refurbished restaurant Kuster is popular among professionals working at Delftse Poort. It has recently undergone major renovations. Moreover, sustainability and healthy ingredients are prioritised, showing foresight for the future.”

Not only has Kuster expanded its seating area, but it has also introduced several other upgrades. Here, you can begin your day with excellent coffee, take a ‘fika’ break, and enjoy healthier lunches than ever before. Alongside its diverse menu, Kuster is an ideal place to connect with colleagues and business contacts. This complements the existing work environment at Delftse Poort well. Tip: the Elevate app offers a loyalty card that allows you to earn points towards a free cup of coffee.

Sustainable Restaurant on Weena

“Healthy, sustainable, and delicious food made with honest, fresh ingredients from the region. That’s the guiding principle of the chefs at Delftse Poort,” says Julien (Asset Manager at CBRE Investment Management). “At Delftse Poort, we prioritize the well-being of the professionals who work here. A healthy and pleasant working environment is very important to us. Kuster focuses on sustainability, health, and circularity, which aligns perfectly with our goals as a future-proof building.”

“Sustainable waste management is also a key theme for us. Kuster uses reusable tableware instead of disposable items, and we encourage guests to bring their own cups.” Offering a diverse selection is equally important. The menu includes plant-based coffee and snacks, smoothies, yogurt bowls, salads, and vegetarian options.

Restaurant Kuster Delftse Poort

“Shortly after opening, the restaurant was already bustling with visitors. Odilia, who works at Procter & Gamble, is pleasantly surprised by the fresh ambiance. Her colleague Hanneke adds, ‘I love the interior, especially the lamps. The mix of high and low tables is also great.’ Maarten, who works at Shell, enjoys bringing his business contacts to Kuster. ‘It’s perfect for meetings. The previous menu was already diverse, but I’m very happy with the new one. There’s always something delicious and healthy for everyone.’ His colleague Joost also values the varied menu, ‘from Asian to Italian and from hot to cold.’ His personal favorite? ‘The extensive, light salad buffet.’”

Inspired by Rotterdam

Rotterdam is not only the home to the new restaurant in Delftse Poort; the city also inspired its name. Jeroen, from Vermaat, explains, “A coaster is a special type of cargo ship. Because it can sail close to the coast, it plays an important role in shipping. The Dutch name for this is ‘kuster.'”

This connection with Rotterdam is important for both the restaurant and Delftse Poort. For example, Rotterdam is working on the Floating Farm initiative, the world’s first floating farm. “The Floating Farm will produce healthy food in a circular way, close to the consumer. Partnering with initiatives like these fits well with our vision.”

Julien also shares some exciting short-term plans. “For example, a new concept for the coffee bar, which will complement the offerings of restaurant Kuster. And we hope to see many professionals from Delftse Poort at the Thursday afternoon drinks we are going to organize!”