Free trainings @ RDAM Gym!

11 – 15 December

Getting into the sports rhythm before you start enjoying all the party food? We are going to help you! During the Sustainable Festive week you can work out for free at RDAM Gym!

You can attend different workouts before work, during lunch or after your workday. From Yoga to Boxing and from a Power workout to a RDAM workout, there is something for everyone. So check out the schedule for week 50 (December 11 – 15).

Check out the schedule

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Donate your excess sportsgear

Is there a Marie Kondo hidden inside of you? It’s time to let her out and clean out your closet! If you have sportswear and gear that you don’t really use or fit anymore, bring it with you and drop it in the designated bin @ RDAM Gym. We will make sure it is offered to the Sportspullenbank!

The Sportspullenbank Nederland collects used sportswear and materials and makes them available through social organizations to people who have too little money to buy stuff themselves. By reusing existing and available gear in this way, we also contribute to a sustainable economy.